Baby Gates And Safety Gates For Stairs

Tall Baby Gates - What You Should Know

As parents, we know the importance of having a baby gate for our babies and toddlers. Being able to keep an eye on them and preventing them from wandering off on their own while we're not looking...or better yet, protecting them from dangerous stairways, is extremely important. But what happens when your little one is growing like a basketball player and the gate is too short? Do they make tall baby gates that work well enough?

You can certainly see the need for a gate that is taller than standard models. In fact, most of them stand just 24-32 inches high, which is fine in most cases. But not in ALL cases.

Thankfully, you can find different makes of taller safety gates in heights up to 38 inches or more. This is more than adequate to meet most any need.

KidCo Tall Baby Gate

So why the need for a taller gate anyway? Having a gate that is too short can be a real problem. Unless the gate comes up to your child's chest, they can easily tumble over it if they are playing or pushing up against it. Their momentum just takes them right over the top because a baby is top heavy to begin with.

As you might imagine, accidents occur all the time with gates that are too short, or ones that your child has outgrown. A tall baby gate is also designed to where they can not climb over it. It's only natural for any toddler to want to climb on anything and everything. And it only takes a second for them to it. Even if they are not tall enough they can always put a stool in front of the gate and climb over. Having a taller gate eliminates this possibility.

The Summer Infant Extra Tall Baby Gate is one that many parents recommend to others. It measures 36 inches tall and has a nice locking mechanism that is easy to use even when carrying a load of clothes or bag of groceries.

Another excellent model is the Dream Baby L782 Swing Closed Extra Tall Security Safety Gate. This one has received very high reviews on Amazon from parents everywhere. It stands nearly 40 inches high and works well with not only children, but pets as well.

The KidCo Extra Tall Center Gateway is yet another very good baby gate. Users love it and KidCo is a very good manufacturer. Again, it works well for both children and pets. 

That's another aspect about these taller gates; they work great with inside dogs that you want to confine to a specific area of your home.

You can find tall safety gates in both pressure mounted and hardware mounts. If you find your little one is outgrowing current gate, I'd encourage you to look at some of the various new models and find one that that matches your needs.